Contract iOS Developer


Global top-10 app, world leader in content recognition
  • Concept & development of Shazam "listening" animation
  • Team project: Design & develop iPad release of Shazam app.
  • Work featured by Apple on national television, in online advertising and in physical Apple stores worldwide
  • Worked with team to deliver a 70% increase in weekly installs, 23% lift in clickthrough to iTunes store & 150% increase in user engagement over a 12-month period
Technologies: Objective-C, CoreAudio, Core Graphics, Core Data, AutoLayout, BDD/TDD, GCD, IAP, Apple Maps, Facebook graph API, custom endpoints, custom analytics
Cuddlr icon


Location-based social-meeting app a bit like Tinder or Grindr, but just for cuddling.
  • Developed as a side project, on launch received a large, global media response & 240,000 downloads in the first 9 weeks.
  • Featured in NY Times, Salon, MTV, The Onion, Cosmo, NPR, BBC World Service, CBC, BBC 5, ESPN, GQ, Jezebel, SF Weekly, Fox News, & many others.
  • Sole technical founder
Technologies: Objective-C, Swift, JavaScript, Facebook & Twitter integration, Facebook Native Ads, Parse, FastImageCache, Push, Geo, ACL-based security, IAP
JamTxt icon


Developed and improved features in music-messaging app to improve user engagement and experience.
  • Implemented social media sharing solutions on Facebook, WhatsApp, and iMessage/SMS
  • Wrote cache for album art image downloads, improved startup speed, and added user analytics.
  • iOS Contract developer
Technologies: Objective-C, Facebook Graph sharing, WhatsApp integration, iTunes Affiliate Program, Core Graphics, Core Audio, SMS/iMessage, JSON
Traces icon


Social-messaging app with a twist: your friends have to be in a specific place to get your message.
  • Featured by Apple in “Best New Apps” category.
  • Developed entire backend and client-server interactions.
  • Contract iOS Developer (one of two), Server Developer (sole)
Technologies: JavaScript, Parse, Objective-C, SMS phone number verification, Push, ACL-based security, media upload, handling and storage, Geo


A game controlled by singing.
  • Developed at University of Cambridge's Centre for Music and Science
  • Press attention in BBC Music Magazine, TechCrunch, ClassicFM, Festival of Ideas, musicLearningLive!Asia, and iTV
  • 4.5+ star rating on App Store
  • Custom pitch engine for note detection on mobile devices
Technologies: Objective-C, C++, CoreAudio, Cocos2d, Game Center, IAP


Shaker instrument that responds, sounds and plays like a real instrument
  • Physical-modeling accelerometer-based percussive fun
  • Released with Sleigh Bells as free instrument for Christmas 2013
  • Seven instruments available through in-app purchase
  • 5-star rating on the App Store
Technologies: Objective-C, CoreAudio, CoreMotion, Synthesis Toolkit, IAP

In case you're still wondering, I am a contract iOS Developer with extensive experience in audio, UI design, client/server interaction, location services, push communication, Autolayout, and quite a few other things. Previous technology and leadership work at Shazam, Cuddlr, University of Cambridge Centre for Music & Science, Northwestern University and Columbia College Chicago. I am quite serious about creative innovation and user experience, and an advocate of lean principles, iterative design, and results-only team culture as well. My personal apps and other projects have received accolades and are consistently rated highly by users; my past work for Shazam and others has been ecstatically received on social media and enjoyed by over 250 million people globally.

Originally from Chicago, I am now based in the United Kingdom and work remotely for clients across the globe. I can provide software development services anywhere in the world, either remotely or in person.

+44(0)7904 414244